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Mike Wheler


My journey with Salesforce began after my experiences as a Technical Writer and Trainer. When I discovered Salesforce, it was like unlocking a new realm of possibilities. It quickly became clear to me that Salesforce is the optimal pathway for creating sophisticated web and mobile applications for businesses and consumers alike.

This journey wasn't just about learning; it was about mastering. To date, I've earned numerous Salesforce Certifications, including Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Business Analyst, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, and Salesforce Platform App Builder. These certifications aren't just achievements; they represent my deep dive into the Salesforce ecosystem.

As the founder of platforms dedicated to Salesforce education and training, my mission is to help you unlock your potential in this dynamic field. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, this is the place for you.

So, if you're ready to become a creator in a world that often encourages consumption, let's dive into the world of Salesforce together. The possibilities are endless, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's embark on this exciting journey and unlock the powerful capabilities of Salesforce!

Anthony Wheeler


Anthony Wheeler holds several Salesforce Certifications and is an accomplished Salesforce Trainer. Anthony's main focus is that of development and he has attained both the Developer I and Developer II certifications.

40,000+ 5 Star Reviews

"I've studied Mike's all four Salesforce Lightning-based admin courses, and just recently passed the exam. As the exam calls for details from practice, that is exactly what you are given on MIke's courses, so not just dry theory but experience from real-life situations. Looking to start shortly with either Advanced Admin or some other certification and will definitely study the respective courses from Mike."
Jari R.
"This course explains the subject matter in a concise and easy to follow manner. They helped me get a firm understanding of the test objectives to pass my ADM 201 exam. I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs an instructor who demonstrates in a follow-along style. Mike Wheeler does an excellent job of being clear and descriptive in helping me learn about Salesforce and how I would be expected to work as a SF Admin."
Paul P.
"I'm thankful I work with the Salesforce platform, because I was familiar with a number of terms already. Only recommendation would be to slow down at the very start of the training to discuss differences between application, object, record, etc., and their hierarchy. This is covered later, but it could be a lot for someone who has no experience. Overall, a great course and happy I took it!"
Jarod P.