Salesforce DX - The Complete Guide

After taking this course, you will be fully prepared to implementing your entire Salesforce development process in Salesforce DX. 

From doing actual development with Apex and Lightning Components, to migrating to package based development, to tracking your changes with source control, to streamlining your process with continuous integration/delivery, this course offers it all.

We work through creating a Developer Edition Dev Hub, installing Java and the Salesforce CLI. We also walk you through the installation process of Visual Studio Code and Plugins. Next, we create a Salesforce DX project and then show you how to navigate VS code.

The next section of the course covers Scratch Orgs. We then dive into Package Based Development. We also cover Org Based Development, Data Commands, Apex Development, Debugging, Lightning Web Components, and using Git with SFDX.

We continue on with several lessons on Continuous Integration and Delivery. These lessons show you how to set up Salesforce CLI GitHub Action, Testing Builds and Creating Releases. We also share helpful SFDX commands that you'll want to know about and use often.

We also share helpful VS code extensions. Salesforce DX is Salesforce's new tool for Salesforce Development and is essential to your success in coding on the Salesforce platform.

Start your journey to becoming a Salesforce developer today by enrolling in this course.

Anthony Wheeler

Your instructor

Anthony Wheeler

Anthony Wheeler is a 4x certified Senior Salesforce Developer and Trainer. His certifications include Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and II, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, and Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I.