Your Cloud Career Launch Action Plan

Hello and welcome to 'Your Salesforce Career Launch Action Plan'.

If you are having trouble landing your first Salesforce job, this free course is for you.

This is a short course, just under an hour. But you'll find that it is full of helpful action items that you can implement today.

I will teach you how to overcome the 4 primary obstacles that are keeping you from getting hired as a Salesforce professional.

My name is Mike Wheeler and I teach Salesforce online. I have had the honor of helping hundreds of thousands of students pass Salesforce certifications and launch their own cloud careers.

This course is divided into two sections.

The first section is where I lay the foundational understanding that you are a business owner, whether you realize it or not. Your career is your business, and I relate the three fundamentals of every business, Marketing, Sales and Service, where companies ATTRACT, ATTAIN and RETAIN clients to the business of YOU – or what I like to call – YOU Incorporated.

The second section of this course is where we start building your customized action plan by first identifying your goals. What your goals are will impact your action plan greatly. We will strengthen your messaging and communication in order to make you a more compelling candidate.

I will also show you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for Conversion.

We will discuss how many certifications you need before you start interviewing. And SPOILER ALERT! You don't need to be certified in order to start interviewing. In fact, there's nothing like interviewing to surface any gaps in your skills, as well as to motivate you to circle back and improve those weak areas that you might find.

I will also help you to determine what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is, which increases your leverage and opens up further doors of opportunity to you.

So let's get started and I'll see you inside the course and together we'll build 'Your Salesforce Career Launch Action Plan'.


Mike Wheeler

Your insctructor

Mike Wheeler