The Complete Salesforce Certified Administrator Course

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Course Description

The Complete Salesforce Certified Administrator Course covers all of the knowledge areas, learning objectives and topics which you must understand in order to pass the certification exam. Now with added content to show you how to use ChatGPT to enhance and expand your learning journey further.

This is two courses in one! The first is the newer version which included using ChatGPT as your learning co-pilot to assist you in your learning journey. 

This is followed by the older pre-ChatGPT version of this course. Each version of this course has a runtime of roughly 20 hours each.

The total number of video lessons in this course exceeds 500 videos, with a total runtime of 40 hours.

You simply will not find a more in-depth or complete course for the Administrator Certification than this one!




I teach Cloud Computing. 

I am passionate about helping you become a 'Creator in a Consumption World'
I gravitate towards tools and tech that empower the non-technical to build and create amazing things online.
That is why I was drawn to amazing tools and platforms, such as Salesforce, ChatGPT, AWS, Wordpress and more.