Salesforce Platform App Builder Practice Tests
3-Timed Practice Tests Inside

Salesforce released a new Exam Guide and test structure with their Spring '23 version of the Platform App Builder Certification in August, 2023.

There are no pre-requisites for the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam, nor this course!

No prior-experience or certifications are required. The Platform App Builder can be your first Salesforce Certification!

This certification is a great starting point for those that wish to learn the Salesforce platform and may eventually go on to learning Salesforce development.

And perhaps you are finding that some Salesforce Certification prep companies are no longer focused on force and their material is out of date. I am glad you found this current and completely up-to-date practice test course!

These practice tests are structured after the latest release of Salesforce and will be updated to stay current with each release.

The current structure of the Exam is that it contains 5 knowledge areas, which are:

  • Salesforce Fundamentals

  • Data Modeling and Management

  • Business Logic and Process Automation

  • User Interface

  • App Deployment

Prepare for the actual certification by enrolling in this course and taking the timed practice tests. The questions and answers are also randomized, so you can take these tests multiple times to gauge your own exam readiness.

Please note that a candidate for this exam is not expected to be able to administer Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, have programmatic development experience (Apex, Visualforce, etc.), design custom interfaces using Visualforce, or design custom Lightning components using Apex or JavaScript.

I have taught hundreds of thousands of students how to use Salesforce, pass certification exams, and launch their careers. 

I hope to see you inside! Enroll today!


Mike Wheeler

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Mike Wheeler is the founder of Exam Ready Now and has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use Salesforce, pass Salesforce Certification Exams and launch their careers!