Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Practice Tests

These practice tests are structured after the current release and knowledge area scoring for the current exam!

Elevate your Salesforce Business Analyst certification preparation with our comprehensive practice test course. Designed meticulously to mirror the format and challenges of the actual certification exam, this course is the ideal tool for aspirants to gauge their test-taking readiness. Experience a true-to-life test environment and gain insights into areas where you excel and areas that may need a bit more attention.

Course Features

  1. Three Timed Practice Tests: Push your limits and simulate the real exam scenario with 90-minute timed tests.

  2. 180 Unique Questions: Dive deep into the Salesforce Business Analyst test with 60 diverse questions in each .

  3. Scoring & Feedback: Receive overall scoring to gauge your performance, coupled with knowledge area scoring to identify specific areas of strength and areas needing improvement.

  4. Answer Guidance: Don't just find out if you were right or wrong! Benefit from detailed answer guidance that provides context and understanding, ensuring that every mistake becomes a learning opportunity.

  5. Dynamic & Randomized Questions: Achieve a fresh challenge each time you retake a test. The Exam Ready Now platform ensures that questions and answers are randomized, providing a unique test-taking experience every single time.

  6. Test Retakes: Amplify your preparation by taking the practice tests multiple times, reinforcing your knowledge and refining your test-taking skills.


  • Test-Readiness: Evaluate your preparation level and enter the actual certification exam with boosted confidence.

  • Knowledge Reinforcement: Targeted feedback provides a roadmap to focus your study efforts effectively, ensuring comprehensive preparation.

  • Flexibility: Revisit and retake tests as often as you need to ensure familiarity and confidence.

Enroll now and take a decisive step towards achieving your Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification!


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Mike Wheeler